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In Defense of Natural Diamonds

The Easy Answer of Absolutes

When weighing all literal and implicated costs of a diamond, lab diamonds have presented themselves as an easy and ethical alternative. Investors capitalized on a profitable industry flawed by the complicated issues of people, mineral rights, politics, and ecological repercussions, they also saw an opportunity to sanitize it. It was then all too easy to spoon-feed us the dream of harmless luxury. But there is no such thing as a free lunch. 

Understandably, the effort it takes to mine natural diamonds is immense. Natural diamond mining entails exhaustive research, compensating countries where natural resources are found, and infrastructure to support, educate, and grow communities, along with physically moving earth and making it whole again. This takes decades. 

Lab diamond factories can be built in months, laborers trained and replaced, and diamonds created eternally, with purchased carbon neutrality

Accessibility of Cost

As little as three years ago a lab diamond cost roughly 20% less than a natural stone. Today that number can be as high as 90% less. While the allure of cost is undeniable, a lab diamond's ability to retain value of any kind in the future is dubious. We understand that for some people cost is a defining factor. Design,  materials, and our intellectual value as longtime creators are paramount. 

The precipitous fall in prices and limitless supply in the lab diamond market is not aligned with our values as designers.

Value - Inherent and Imbued

Our choice to workexclusivelywith natural, up-cycled, and antique diamonds, is a reflection of our values as a small team. With an adamantine focus on one-of-one designs and a dedication to uniqueness, we are fortunate enough to source only incomparable stones we love and believe in from other small companies. 


Using exclusively natural, up-cycled, and antique diamonds creates self-imposed limitations. This fosters creativity and continued delight in our showroom pieces and custom commissions.

Natural, up-cycled, and antique diamonds are a veritable 21st-century treasure hunt. The thrill of the diversity of natural stones paired with the opportunity to share them with our community is unmatched. 

With stones and designs as deeply personal as the interactions we have with our clients, we are not beholden to the monotony of trends. 

Offering only natural, up-cycled, and antique diamonds allows certainty in the inherent value of our pieces and solidifies their creative, and incalculable emotional value.