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Whether you are interested in personalizing one of our signature engagement rings, re-setting an heirloom stone, or working with us to create something that is completely one of a kind, we look forward to partnering with you to create your dream ring. We strive to make the process smooth, informative, easy, fun, and tailored to you. We would love to get the conversation started via phone, email, or in person.

in our mission studio

since 2003



There is a multitude of stone options available and we are here to help you navigate this important and enjoyable process. We take the time to listen to you, then search the world for stones that meet your specific criteria. Our diamonds and gemstones come from a select and trusted group of stone partners who align with our focus on ethical sourcing and practices.



Once the perfect stone is chosen, it's time to design the setting around it. Every setting we make is custom from beginning to end, ensuring that your stones are brought to life in the most beautiful and thoughtful way. You are encouraged and invited to be involved throughout the process, so your vision is perfectly translated into precious metals and stones. Our team of experts is here to partner with and guide you at each step of the way.



Now that your stone and setting style are chosen, it's time to decide what precious metal and finish will pair the most compatibly and attractively. Our experts offer consultation for you on what factors to consider. We use domestically recycled gold that we then alloy ourselves, in 14 & 18 karat yellow, white, and rose gold, as well as platinum. 



Rebecca and her experienced team of jewelers then begin the magical process of coalescing your ideas and specifications into actuality. Whether it is a hand carved setting or an intricate CAD, we take the time to do things right. Every detail is carefully considered as we create your future heirloom. We share with you as we move through production, so you get to see your ring coming to life. After all the finishing touches are completed, we have the pleasure of introducing you to your dream ring.



We are honored to be a part of your story for a lifetime. We stand by you and each Rebecca Overmann piece of jewelry as you pop the question, tie the knot, and well beyond. 


Can you reuse the materials in my ring?

One of our great joys is resetting heirloom stones and giving them new life. This speaks to our love of how stones can tell stories again and again over life times. We are happy to set an appointment with you to discuss custom projects using your diamonds and gemstones. Currently, we do not reuse customer-provided metals, but return them to you once your desired stones have been removed.

Are your diamonds Certified?

We prefer GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certification when sourcing white diamonds. We also work with colored or salt & pepper diamonds which are often not certified. If certification is of importance to you, that is a characteristic that we will source to.

How long does a custom project take?

Most custom projects take roughly a month to complete. This largely depends on the complexity of the stone sourcing process and the responsiveness of our collaborative communication. If the custom project is without stones or using heirloom stones, the production time is usually closer to 3 weeks. If there is a specific date you wish to have your custom piece by, we do everything we can to make it happen.

Do you work with manmade or lab grown diamonds

At the customer's request we will source lab grown diamonds. We strive to fulfill each customer's desired specifications for custom projects, including diamond and gemstone origin.