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Our Process

First and foremost we are designers and tastemakers. We are treasure hunters and have a passion for finding the perfect stone. If you’re inspired by the rings in our collection, but are looking for something that has not yet been imagined, we invite you to explore the custom process with us.

Our Stones

With an abundance of choice comes the oftentimes debilitating worry of making the wrong one. 

We source only natural diamonds and sapphires. These stones, aside from being truly unique, are often modern stones that have had previous lives, are genuine antiques, or are ethically sourced.

Our stones are for exclusive use in Rebecca Overmann custom designs.

We believe these gems need to be experienced in person and endlessly surprised by the variation and personalities. It is our hope to pass this experience on to you. 


From simple and elegant, to richly textured, or more complicated designs, we are always interested. 

Good design with integrity is a treasure to behold, to wear and to experience everyday. 

We have the building blocks in our showroom to create something that fits you. Using the finished pieces we have as templates, we can arrive at our design outline that we then translate into CAD. This visual representation of the finished piece can then be approved and the actual fabrication begins. 


What gemstones do you work with for custom projects?

We work exclusively with natural diamonds and sapphires (over 1/4ct) for custom projects, due to their hardness and durability.

Do you work with Lab Grown Diamonds?


We are committed to using only natural diamonds in all of our pieces. We firmly believe that natural diamonds offer a level of rarity, beauty, and ethicality that cannot be matched by lab-grown diamonds. Moreover, the use of natural diamonds plays an important role in supporting communities and economies around the world, especially for antique, vintage, and up-cycled diamonds. We feel that the lab-grown industry does not align with our values or our vision. By focusing on unique and one-of-a-kind natural gemstones, we are proud to support sustainable and ethical practices in the industry.

Do you use sustainably/ethically sourced materials?

Absolutely, we work with recycled, post-consumer gold and our gemstones are sourced with the utmost care.

Do you work with client's gemstones?

We are happy to consider your heirloom diamond or sapphire for use in a custom project. We work only with stones that appear to be in good condition and are larger than .25ct in size.We will not work with stones that have been recently purchased from other sources.

Do custom projects cost more than one of the rings you already have in your showroom?

As all of our engagement rings are one-of-one, our pricing for custom projects closely mirrors the pricing of our completed rings. Generally, the center stone (or stones) is the greatest driver of cost.

Can you reuse the metal from my existing jewelry?

No. We work with carefully formulated alloys and do not incorporate any outside metals into our designs.

What is the return policy for custom designed jewelry?

Because our custom pieces are made especially for you, we do not except returns or exchanges.

How long does a custom project take?

While it varies from project to project, custom projects typically take about 4-6 weeks (a little longer if we're sourcing an unusual stone).

Can I see a sketch or rendering of the design before it's made?

We generally refer to the designs that we have in the showroom, as CAD drawings and sketches never provide a complete picture of the final design. In some cases we will share a production rendering with you in order to confirm placement and details, but it is not used as a design tool.

How many revisions can I make to the design?

We account for one round of small adjustments to your design — additional changes or explorations may incur additional cost and extend the timeframe of your project.