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The Honeybees of Artemis


This gold coin is a replica of sterling silver coin minted approximately 2220 years ago (202 - 150 BCE.) from Ionia, Ephesos in modern day Anatolia Turkey    

Ephesos was a center of worship for the goddess Artemis. Bees were heavily associated with Artemis and her priestess were often called "honey bees"   

Ε (‘epsilon’) and Φ (‘phi’), are an abbreviation for Ephesos

The palm tree on the reverse alludes to her birth under a palm tree on the island of Delos. The stag is a sacred animal to Artemis who is a protector of wild animals. 

metal14k yellow gold

diameter: approx 18mm

This coin was molded from an ancient silver coin and is a solid 14k gold replica, does NOT include chain.