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The Whitney (1.19ct Transitional Cut Diamond)

Sold - Please Enquire

The Stone

This antique diamond, like the historical diva it was named after, has a glowing presence and an irresistible sparkle. A touch of warmth in its tone gives this diamond a little more personality, and it is simply stunning.

Cut from 1918 through the 1920's, the Transitional cut has one of the shortest time periods but nevertheless it left a sparkling legacy. An evolution of the Old European cut, the Transitional cut has a lower crown, more medium table, shorter pavilion and smaller culet then the Old Euros.

style number: STONE-J003
carat: 1.19ctw
cut, color, clarity: Transitional, L, SI
diameter: 6.9mm

The Ring

This one of a kind stone is available to set in either a signature RO setting or the custom ring of your dreams. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for completion. We look forward to discussing all the details with you once your stone is purchased, and will be in touch via email to schedule your appointment soon.

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