Our Loose Gem libary features a carefully curated selection of unusual and one of a kind gemstones — sustainably sourced from our trusted partners.

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River Gold2

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Made of pure California river-mined gold, our collection of classic bands for men and women are crafted, cast and finished by hand in our San Francisco studio — from miner, to maker, to you.

About the Collection

Our collection of men’s and women’s bands is created with classic style in mind. All of our River-Mined Gold Wedding Bands are made to order in our San Francisco Studio, and are based on tried-and-tested styles that maximize comfort and wearability. Timeless designs showcase the properties of this unique and beautiful material, and ultimately become a signature part of the wearer’s own personal style.
All of our River Gold bands are stamped with the Bear Flag symbol, our maker’s mark, and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Our first River Gold band — The Bryant — is available in four widths and weights — available in sizes for any finger… his or hers.

24k Memories

24k River Gold is not mixed or alloyed with other metals and has its own unique and vibrant color. This also means it will patina more quickly than lower karat gold because it's softer, yielding a texture and look that is completely unique to its wearer. We think of it as imperfectly perfect.

Will it scratch or dent? Absolutely. Like your favorite pair of jeans, your band will become imprinted with your life experiences and adventures, and become more beautiful with age.

Locally Mined, Locally Made

The gold for our rings is mined from rivers and streams in the western Sierra Foothills, only 150 miles from our studio — the epicenter of the Gold Rush. The independent miners who provide our raw material use traditional techniques, under the strictest guidelines and regulations.

Keeping things local is a big part of why we make everything right here in San Francisco. It’s also the reason that sourcing gold from our fellow Californians in the Sierra Foothills seemed only natural, allowing us to be personally connected to everyone that has a hand in the making of a River Gold Band.

My Inspiration

The idea for River Gold Wedding Bands came to me while I was on a camping trip along Highway 49 in the Sierra Foothills, not far from where gold was first discovered in the rivers and streams 165 years ago. California Gold Country is a place of incredible beauty, a place where it’s impossible to not feel connected to one’s environment.

I’ve always been inspired by water, it’s movement and elusive texture. To work with gold that has been mined from the rivers seemed completely natural. And to be able to source all of our materials for a ring within 150 miles of the studio appeals to my sense of community. A match made in heaven.


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