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Our Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

More Options

Things have changed in recent years: there are now a ton of options when it comes to men’s wedding bands. Even the most simple of designs can bring an artistic flair that fits any style, hand or budget. With our line of men’s bands we focus on simplicity. We’ve found that our customers are drawn towards subtlety rather than flair. Our designs often incorporate texture (hammered, feather, woodgrain, etc…) offering an attractive alternative to a plain band. 

Some couples choose to have matching bands, and we have plenty of choices. While the weights and sizes are clearly different, they can complement each other. It’s really a personal choice.

Lifestyle Considerations

If your wedding band will be the first time you’ve ever worn a ring, it will take a little time to get used to it. The width and thickness of the band are the greatest influence on how a ring feels. Just as important, though, you should choose a ring that’s “comfort fit,” meaning the inside of the ring is smooth and rounded (all of our men’s rings are comfort fit). Not only is it easier to take on and off, but it keeps the ring from cutting into your finger when you’re doing heavy work.

If you do work with your hands a lot, stick with 14 karat gold — it’s alloyed with other harder metals making it quite resistant to wear. While higher karat gold (18k, 22k and 24k) and it does scratch more easily — the patina that it develops over the years is beautiful in and of itself. Regardless of the karat you choose, all rings will scratch and develop their own finish over time.

Color and Karat

14k gold is the most commonly requested material for our men’s bands, but the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the more popular variations:

14 Karat Gold

14k yellow gold is our most popular metal for men’s bands, it has a slightly less intense color than higher carat yellow golds. It’s also harder and tougher than the softer 18k and 22k alloys. While many people associate rose gold with the color pink, our 14k rose gold has a wonderful coppery quality to it that is definitely masculine. 14 Karat is a great choice for those who work with their hands a lot. 14k gold is made up of approximately 58% gold, alloyed with copper, silver and zinc.

18 & 22 Karat Gold

While 18k is often seen as the “classic” wedding band material, it is a bit softer than some of the other choices meaning that it will show more wear. In the yellow variety, 18k will be a little more intense, and in the rose gold variety, a little less “coppery.” 14k white gold tends to be a little warmer (yellowish) in color as well. 22k is frequently found in Indian bridal jewelry; it has a much more intense yellow/gold color (after all, it’s over 90% pure gold). It scratches very easily and is quite soft, meaning it will show wear and develop patina very quickly. 18k gold is made up of approximately 75% gold, alloyed with copper, silver and zinc.


Often used in women’s engagement rings because of it’s hardness, it’s great at holding stones in place with delicate prongs. For this reason platinum also makes a great material for white-color bands. It’s hard, and heavier than gold, giving it a very durable and masculine feeling. Platinum used for making jewelry is typically 90 – 95% platinum alloyed with iridium or cobalt.

Sizing Your Ring

If you’re ordering online or over the phone, we always recommend getting sized by a professional jeweler first. You should also know the approximate width of the band you’re interested in to make sure the sizing is accurate — different widths will affect the size of ring you choose. While 5mm to 6mm is the most common width, everyone’s hands are different and it’s worth spending the time to get accurate measurements to avoid any wedding-day hitches!

In the event your ring does need to be resized after you’ve purchased it, small adjustments are quite simple and can usually be done in a few days — sometimes even while you wait. Also remember that your fingers will change with the temperature — so the ring you try on a cold day may be a little snug when the temperature warms up.

Ordering Timeframes

We typically deliver our men’s wedding bands about two weeks from the time your order is placed. It’s always wise to leave a little extra time in the event that you’d like a final size adjustment before the big day.