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December Engagements

With winter well underway, many of us are now planning for the upcoming Holiday season. What you may not know is that December is the most popular month of the year for engagements! According to The Knot, 16% of engagements happen in December. You’d think that Valentine’s Day would top the list, but it turns out that the holiday season is the perfect time for many reasons.

Family, Friends, and Festivities

December engagements take advantage of gatherings where family and friends are near — in fact, my husband and I chose to get married during the holidays so our family (and especially the nieces and nephews) could more easily participate — couples want to share this special moment with loved ones. Here in San Francisco, we’re often blessed with a December ‘heatwave’, and we were able to have an indoor/outdoor reception. Regardless of where you are, there’s no better time of the year to celebrate a December engagement or wedding!

As a designer, one of my favorite times is meeting with guys or gals who are just starting to plan their proposal (sometimes I’m the only other person that knows)! It’s such an honor to play even a small role in this event, and I never get tired of seeing the excitement and hearing about how their planning to propose.

Get the Size Right

Probably the toughest bit of information for a prospective proposer to come by, is the ring size. While some couples have openly discussed the ring or are picking it out together, the surprise engagements require a little more thought. While we can usually resize the ring without any trouble, it’s always best to get it right the first time! There are many creative ways my clients have managed to collect this information! Everything from finding one of their fingers that matches their significant other’s ring finger, to photocopying one of their rings “for insurance purposes”, or just plain old stealing a loved one’s favorite ring!

What Style

The other thing that should be addressed is the lifestyle of the recipient. As a designer, I want to make sure that what I make is appropriate — if you use your hands a lot, I probably won’t recommend a giant solitaire! Whatever your prospective bride or groom’s lifestyle, I always work with my clients to make sure the ring they’re selecting a style that will be appropriate. Flush-set or bezel set rings offer good protection for the stone, while prong settings show off the stone nicely but leave it a little more exposed.


I’m partial to diamonds — as much for their beauty as for their durability…. especially for something as significant as an engagement or wedding ring. There is also an incredible range of shapes and sizes, not to mention colors, as well as options for sourcing — whether it’s mine-direct or reclaimed from an antique piece of jewelry. Whether it’s an “east-west” marquise or a rose cut hexagon diamond, I think finding a ring that expresses the wearer’s personality is the most important thing. For durability and the largest selection of cuts and sourcing, diamonds, sapphires and rubies are hard to beat.

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